Banska Bystrica, 28.11.2000





Dear Mr. Lubomir Gibala.


I am writing to you according to the promised I made you after my phone conversation with you. I contacted Mr. PhDr. Jan Zilak in County archive Banska Bystrica and we together did the Gibala's tree from Detva and Hrinova parish books. I can tell that you started to do very difficult work, which is very hard and tiring on the eyes. We, I with PhDr. Zilak, studied registers of births, deaths and marriages for Detva down to year 1830. We didn't find birth and marriage dates for my g-grandparents Jozef Gibala and Katarina Murin. .

That way I am writing you records for our family only into the third generations.

My father Juraj Gibala was born in Hrinova 22.3.1885 , my mother Maria Kmet was born 27.10.1885.

My grandfather Ondrej Gibala was born in Hrinova 13.11.1854, my grandmother Katarina Luptak was born in year 1860 (this information there is on the married record).

My g-grandfather Jozef Gibala and g-grandmother Katarina Murin. ( Birth and marriage dates, birth and marriage place we didn't find in Detva archive books.)

My parents Juraj Gibala, born 22.3.1885 and Maria Kmet, born 27.10.1885 had 9 children, 6 sons and 3 daugthers.

Sons : Jozef (1906) daugthers: Elena (1911)

Peter (1909) Agnesa (1913)

Imrich (1920) Ludmila (1919)

Martin (1924)

Juraj (1927)

Tomas (1931)

My parents lived in Hrinova before the year 1923. They moved closer to the Hungary border to a village called Coma near Filakovo in the year 1923. The next year (1924) they moved to wilderness Cierny Potok, mail Hodejov, district Rimavska Sobota. There they bought small house from the first land reform in Czechoslovakia after WWI.

-         My oldest brother Jozef Gibala, was born in Hrinova in year 1906, he didn't have a son only 4 daugthers ( Jolana, Maria, Elena and Irena ).

-         My brother Peter Gibala , was born in Hrinova in year 1909. He had 3 sons and one daughter . His sons: first Imrich Gibala ( He is living in Ceske Budejovice - Czech Republic He doesn't have a son only two daughters, who are living, first in Humenne - Slovakia, second in Banska Bystrica - Slovakia. ) The second son Milan Gibala is living in Rimavska Sobota - Slovakia. The third son Peter Gibala is living in Cierny Potok, district Rimavska Sobota - Slovakia.

-         I , Imrich Gibala, was born in Hrinova in year 1920, married Vlasta Birbic (1924), we have 2 sons and 1 daughter. Sons : Ivan Gibala, born in Kosice - Slovakia in year 1946, is living in Vyskov on Moravia - Czech Republic. Miroslav Gibala,born in Kosice in year 1948, is living in Vyskov on Moravia - Czech republic. Daughter Eva Gibala, born in Kosice in year 1951, married MUDr. Milan Svec and they are living in Banska Bystrica and have two daugters.

-         My brother Martin Gibala, was born in Coma, district Lucenec - Slovakia. He didn't have any child.

-         My brother Juraj Gibala, was born in Cierny Potok, district Rimavska Sobota - Slovakia in year 1927, he has 2 sons, Stefan and Ivan, and 2 daugters Zuzana a Luba.

-         The youngest brother Tomas Gibala,was born in Cierny Potok in year 1931, is married and is living in Bratislava - Slovakia and he has 3 sons. Oldest of them is living in Kysucke Nove Mesto - Slovakia, younger is living in  Piestany - Slovakia and youngest in Bratislava.

At the end only that I enjoyed being in contact with a man, who has the surname as I and may be we are relatives. Who knows? I wish you every success in your difficult work. I don't envy you, as a matter of fact I applaud you to search in old documents, on Slovakia were written in Latin and Hungarian, as we have spoken by phone about. I would like to help you, but for my age and my sight it isn't able too. I am veteran of WWII. On front I had a hard wound to my head and I lost my left eye and even my right eye was wounded too. I am glad to see anything and I cannot read the old archives documents.

I am greeting you and wish you much persistence in your work.

Yours namesake

Mgr. Imrich Gibala