History of Frantisek Jilji Gibala's family

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Written story which was spoken by Augustyna Gibala married to Urednicek.

My grandfather Frantisek Jilji Gibala was born 31.8.1825 in Pavlovice u Prerova in house number 14. His father was Josef Gibala ľa farm laborer, his mother was Juliana, daughter of Tomas Zoban - peasant in Hradczany. My grandfather left Pavlovice, our father's house was inherited by older relatives. He bought a house in Lipnik nad Becvou close to a railway station. There he established a family with Frantiska Student. She was born *24.12.1840 in Prusinky. Her father Josef Student was peasant and he had house in Prusinky numb. 11, her mother was Anna, daughter of Jan Zdrazil - occupier of small house in Pavlovice.
Frantisek Jilji Gibala and Frantiska Student had three children - oldest daughter Frantiska Gibala, my father Josef Gibala and youngest son Florian Gibala. Florian Gibala died 36 years old and unmarried. He was a policeman.
My father Josef Gibala was born *13.7.1864 in Lipnik nad Becvou (number of house is unknown, this house was broken). When my father was adult he started to work for Nothern Ferdinand's railway in Jawiszowice (Poland today). There he met and married with Marie Barwik. She was born *10.3.1874 in Jistebnik. Her father Jan Barwik was born *16.7.1844 in Jistebnik in house numb. 5. Her mother Jenovefa Svarc was born *1.1.1845 in Zakrov (more detail date unknown, because I did not have her birth certificate). My grandmother Frantiska Student died of cholera in year 1866. My grandfather Frantisek Jilji Gibala was married four times. He was a widower at the end and he died in year 1898. He drowned.

My parents had 7 children: 3 sons and 4 daughters. One of the sons (perhaps Jan Gibala) died as a five-year boy from pneumonia in 1908. I, Augustyna Gibala, was the oldest. I was born *24.5.1897 in Jawiszowice (we lived there at this time). After me they were my brother Rudolf *10.6.1899, my sister Marie *20.1.1901, another sister Emilie *30.8.1902, another brother Jan *27.1.1904, brother Frantisek *5.12.1906 and a sister Helena *22.9.1916. In order for me not to learn in Polish school my father requested moving to Moravia. Railways moved into Pruchna near Tesin, there were born all of my brothers and sisters. After 1918, after breaking with Austria-Hungary became Pruchna part of Poland and we had to moved to Moravia. We moved to Lipnik nad Becvou. There we stayed only three months, because my father could get no work. Then my father got work for railway in Jistebnik. Jistebnik was German village in Suddetenland in Czechoslovakia. My father died in Jistebnik in 1936 on "prostata". He was 72 years old.

I got work for a railway in Petrovice as a cashier. There I met and married my husband Rudolf Urednicek. He was Czech and he was born *25.4.1895 in Chropyne. His family lived in Prerov. We have two sons Milos Urednicek *1924 and Ladislav Urednicek *1926.

My brother Rudolf Gibala married Vilma Capata and they have son Jaroslav Gibala. Jaroslav Gibala was born in 1928. Rudolf Gibala worked for railway too as clerk in Bohumin. During WWII Rudolf's wife registered as German to stayed in Bohumin. After WWII brother Rudolf Gibala with family was settled to NDR (East Germany), because he taught the German language to railway's workers during WWII. Rudolf Gibala died on TBC in 1956. His wife has lived (in 1976). Their son Jaroslav Gibala studied German gymnasium (high school) in Bohumin. He went as 17 years old to the army. He found his parents by Red Cross after WWII in Grabow uber Goldberg. There he works as teacher. He is married his wife, who immigrated to Germany after WWII from USSR. They have four daughters.

My sisters Marie, Emilie and Helena married with Jistebnik's Germans and they were moved after WWII to NSR (West Germany). Although my mother could have stayed in Czechoslovakia, she left Czechoslovakia with them, because they were alone. My mother lived with Emilie. She died in 90 in 1963. She was buried in Helmstadtu together with Emilie. Emilie died without child in 1964.

My brother Frantisek Gibala, engines - driver, married with German woman from Jistebnik too. They have two daughters. He lives as pensioner in Franfurktu nad Mohan. (Year 1976) During his years in West Germany he divorced and remarried. His second marriage is without child. Marie has lived as widow in Uffenheim. She has three sons. Youngest sons have lived with her in Germany and her two older sons' immigrated to Canada. They have married in Canada.

Youngest sister Helena has only one son, who has lived with parents in Brems . He still attends the university and he shall get married. (Year 1976)

I with my husband and children had to move away from Petrovice in year 1939, because this area annexed Poland and then Germany. We moved to Prerov, where they lived my husband's parents and his sisters. We lived in provisional garret flat on Hlavni Namesti numb. 18 opposite of City house. We stayed there during all WWII and some years after war. My son Milos Urednicek studied engineering in high school in Prerov and now he is living and working in Stara Tura ( Slovakia). Son Ladislav Urednicek studied engineering too and he is living and working here in Prerov. My husband died in year 1968. I am staying in Prerov, Kozlovska street numb.748. I am 79 year old.

This part of Gibala's family died out on sword (no Gibala in this family).

This story is from talking to Augustyna Gibala in Prerov 25.8.1976.